Grain Saver

Flexible, mobile, cost-effective by FARM MAC

grain cart

GS Grain Cart

The versatile transfer trailer for grain, seeds and fertilizers that can unload from the top and bottom into any vehicle or any place

GS Grain Bagger D-9

GS Grain Bagger

The grain bagger is a low built grain bagger, fitted with a large grain hopper to receive grain from grain carts, but can also be loaded by telescopic loader, front-end loaders or other means.

grain extractor Koyker

GS Grain Extractor

GS Extractor Koyker is a high performance machine that provides unprecedented opportunity to handle large volumes of grain in a short period of time.

grain silobags

GS Silo Bags and accessories

We have an assortment of silo bags and accessories to simplify you grain bagging work.

GS Carts

grain cart

Chaser bin (grain cart, overloading wagon) for grain handling

GS Bagging/Extraction

grain cart

The Grain Saver system for flexible grain storages