Flexible solutions for Coop’s, grain dealers and farmers – grain drier and split grain storages.

Grain Saving can be in an easy way connected together with mobile driers from Pedrotti.

Together with suppliers such as Pedrotti (Italy), Schmelzer (Germany) and JEMA Agro (Denmark) we are able to deliver tailor-made systems for smaller and larger grain storage solutions. There is solution for Cooperatives, grain dealer and groups of farmers who want to solve their grain handling efficiently. Driers are connected to the grain bagging structure flexible without major capital investments. If you have further questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for quotes and technical descriptions.

Grain Saver Storage with Grain Dryers

Split storages

As example the Grain Saver (Grain Bagging) system can be used by many smaller farmers who need to dry the grain and store it separately. The grain bags can be cut and adjusted to each farmer’s own crop. That means that if the farmer has about 20 ton of grain it is possible to separate the grain from each farm in separate bags. You cut the Grain Saver bag after you filled it and start on a new bag for next user. In this case each farmer can monitor and sell his own crop. 

The Grain Saver system allows you also to divide different quality of crop placed in different bags. This means that the Coop’s, Grain dealer and/or farmer can sell different quality instead of mixing the harvest into one average silo or bin for sale. The market is open for more sales with Grain Saver system. It brings greater flexibility and margins.