Farm Mac has made agreements for grain bagging of 30 000 tons of grain as contractor in Sweden. Current market situation may mean that many farmers and grain dealers will need to bag additional volumes to free storage space for coming harvest. The Grain Saver technology enables customers a fixed cost per ton storage set up which meets the requirements of a safe storing of grain.

In Norway, the technology of grain bagging by aid of basic preservatives is increasing and we are supplying more machinery in 2016 to meet current market demand.

Last year, a total of 14 grain carts was produced and has been shipped to customers in Austria, Germany, England, Denmark, Sweden, Slovak and Ukraine. Coming season seems promising and order books are now filling up for pre-season orders.

For 2016 year production, an option of scale is now introduced. It has been properly tested in Sweden last year and is now ready for commercialization.