Grain Saver D-9 with a grain bagging capacity of about 180-250 tons per hour. A well-built grain bagger, requesting a tractor of 100-160 hp, designed and developed for efficient farming around the world.

The grain bagger is a low built grain bagger, fitted with a large grain hopper to receive grain from grain carts, but can also be loaded by telescopic loader, front-end loaders or other means. The volume is generous, simplifying driver’s work and reduces the risks of spillage and material losses during filling of the silo bags. The design gives an even flow and distribution into the silo bags. With two GS-24,5 transfer trailers one will typically reach an average bagging of 150-180 tons per hour, more is difficult in practical conditions.

The machine has a 2.7 m tunnel (9’’) to which Grain Saver bags of 60, 75 or 90 m silo bags can be used. A 60 m silo bag will hold typically 200 ton of dry grain and allows to storage about 4.500 ton/ha. With a 75 m long bag one can store 250 tons of grain. By extracting with the Koyker extractor – with a turnable auger – silo bags can be laid side-by-side and potentially close to 10.000 tons of grain can this way be stored per ha.


Technical data

PTO speed, rpm 540
Tractor power, hp 100-160
Performance machine, ton/h 180-250
Dimensions of the machine
Length, mm 5.210
Width, mm 3.405
-Height, mm 2.705
Machine weight, kg 1.250


Grain Bagging/Extraction


GS Grain Bagger D9 pdf, 4,52 Mb

Operation manual Grain Bagger D-9 pdf, 1.32 Mb