Operation manual Grain Cart pdf, 1.85 Mb

GS-24,5 Grain Cart

GS 24,5 is a powerful grain cart, adapted to serve two large combines in operation. It is easy to drive. Thanks to its design, it has a large surface area relative to volume. The wagon is equipped with a steerable BPW tandem axle. Unloading time is app. 3 minutes. It requires a 200-250 hp tractor for smooth operations.

GS-16,5 Grain Cart

GS 16.5 is a suitable grain cart, adapted to serve one large combine in operation or two mid-size combines. It is compact and fitted with a standard BPW axle. Because it is built on the same standard components as it larger brother – the GS 24.5 - unloading time app. 2-3 minutes. It requires a 150 hp tractor for smooth operations.

GS-12,0 Grain Cart

GS 12 is an efficient overloading grain cart in compact format. Strong overloading wagon, designed with many years experience from the larger Grain Saver trailers. Perfect for alpine areas, Nordic areas and smaller operations, where efficiency and technical solutions is in focus. Serves easily a large combiner. 80 HP tractor needed.

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