GRAIN CART GS 16,5/24,5 - The versatile transfer trailer for grain, seeds and fertilizers that can unload from the top and bottom into any vehicle or any place

GS trailers developed by specialists and thoroughly tested by farmers

Coincidence has got nothing to do with the GS-trailer. We simply decided to build the best grain cart around! By bringing the core competence together of the team – from farmers to designers and producers - a new generation of grain carts was brought forward. A machine that sets the standard for European Agriculture now and in the future.

Prior to launching, the machines has been run close to a normal life span of a standard grain cart; by running so much grain through the machines, we are able to warrant many more years of hard work at your operation. We promise that we will continue operating these machines heavily in the future, year in and year out, beating the balls out of the tiniest nut, bringing a state-of-the art continues improvement to your yard. With ears as big as parabolic discs, we listen to your needs and integrate that into the product development!

For grain, fertilizers, seeds, CCM…

With all the features of the GS-trailer you get a machine that will work many months a year at your farm, on your contracting operation or in your industry; As a chaser bin for combining, as a seed- and fertilizer transfer vehicle, for in-farm logistics solutions, for bagging of bulk goods and much more.

GS-trailer offers a choice of axle configurations for its transfer vehicles ranging from 16 to 30 cubic meters. It enables even large-width drills and manure spreaders to be filled quickly. With sufficient loading capacity even for the market’s highest performance combines.

Nowhere else do you find an overloading wagon that has such a flexible, foldable auger that can enter virtually anywhere and in any machine - from 2,24 to 4,66 m, a complete bottom opening device (easy cleaning, unloading over dump pits) and a split compartment so you can use your GS-trailer for transport of both seeds and fertilizers. Combine this with high-quality roll-top,  flotation tires of your choice, a good platform for supervision at the back and ladders inside and out, suspended drawbar, mudguards and hydraulic support leg and you got all that you need! Based on high quality components. This is the GS-trailer – from farmers to farmers.

GS-Trailers – the missing evolutionary link

  • Transferring while harvesting enables the combine harvester input to be increased by some 30 percent for small grains and oilseeds, and by more than 40 percent with grain maize,
  • In more fragmented areas, with marbled and cut landscape such as often found in Scandinavia and Alpine regions, the effect is often close to a doubling of the capacity due to long in-field transport around woodlands, creeks and similar,
  • Transfer vehicles gives you a more streamlined operation with higher performance through unloading combines on the move.
  • More efficiency is achieved at sowing and fertilizing through faster filling of drills and spreaders,
  • Less soil compaction will be the result through field transfer trailers’ large-volume low profile tires. Road going vehicles remaining on field edges and keep off the soil surface,
  • Less tear and wear on the combines by continues field work as opposed to the stop- and start nature of standard combining,
  • Significant reduction of soil compaction from foremost top-loaded combines’ front axle by continuous off-loading by field transfer trailers,

     ……simply a must for modern farmers!

Brings you the advantages

  • High innovation input through our own farming operations and large scale grain bagging operations. Combine this with our past experience of supplying hundreds of grain carts of other brand names in many European countries and you get a product developed by skilled technicians and heavily tested by farmers prior to reaching your farm,
  • The machine is kept simple – reliability is core competence of the GSTrailer
  • Assembly is undertaken at our workshop and subject to continuous quality controls by our staff also operating the equipment in season,
  • The only grain cart available that enables you to operate by transferring to trucks on longer distances, while bottom emptying at the dump pit on the local drying fascility while combining at a closer distance from the farm,
  • The only grain cart designed to work together with a grain bagger streamlined at a bagging operation.