gs grain cart

When farmers get into production, one get a versatile, flexible and state of the art grain cart. Can handle virtually all bulk on your farm; grain, fertilisers, seeds, feedstuff….for farm operations, for grain bagging, extraction. For all weather conditions. Made by Sweden. For efficient, high-capacity farming. A machine for use all year round. Designed and tested by farmers, produced by specialist. Call or mail us for a quote, we supply anywhere.

D-9 grain bagger with grain cart

Farm Mac has made agreements for grain bagging of 30 000 tons of grain as contractor in Sweden. Current market situation may mean that many farmers and grain dealers will need to bag additional volumes to free storage space for coming harvest. The Grain Saver technology enables customers a fixed cost per ton storage set up which meets the requirements of a safe storing of grain.

Amer Tefour

Amer Tefour has started with Farm Mac as project manager for North Africa and Arabic speaking areas. In short all information will be available in Arabic on our website too.

GS-24,5 Grain Trailer at DeLuTa

DeLuTa show is an important show in western Germany for contractors and large scale farms. The GS Trailer attracted much interest, mainly because of the unique features of the GS Trailer, being able to empty both in trailers and in grain pits, as well as the high technical specifications and the modest price. We look forward to meeting all of you whom is interested in the GS trailer for coming season.

GS-24,5 Trailer at Herning show

On the Herning show in Denmark in November 2014, The GSTrailer won a star for its innovative construction of a grain cart. The star was accepted by our Danish importer Mr. Carl F. Bruun. The show attracted large interest from both Danish farmers but also from German and Baltic farmers attending the show.

GS-24,5 Grain Cart with Grain Extractor Koyker

Svenska Foder is one of the largest grain dealers in Sweden and has during the last few years gradually scaled up their grain storing in Sweden and during 2014 they have bagged close to 35.000 tons on several locations in southern and central Sweden. “The system is reducing the pressure on the internal transports and enables us to handle volumes that we are not motivated financially to invest in to be able to handle” says CEO Johan Nordenblad. The company has also noticed that grain stored in silo bags normally has a more even and lower moisture content on extraction, something that keeps cost of drying down and enables a more smooth drying process. “We see this as a complement in our activities. With straight forward entrepreneurs and knowledgeable staff working for them, it works well”.

grain cart

Ellenholm & Vadensjö jordbruks AB, a farming and vegetable operating company encompassing some 1000 ha in the south of Sweden, was the first customer to purchase the 2014 edition of the grain saver grain cart 24,5. “We needed to solve our field logistics and having observed customers operating the grain carts sold by Farm Mac before and how they handled their customer relations, we decided to order a grain cart for this season” says Lars Wall Persson, one of the two shareholders.

There was a great amount of attraction on the Borgeby show and additional orders was signed also for deliveries in 2015. Farm mac, by far the market leader in Scandinavia on grain carts, having delivered more than 70 units of grain carts in total to Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish farmers.