Mobile, cost-effective and flexible storage solutions for grain. A complete concept, based on many years of practical experience, developed for all climatic conditions and needs around the world. A system which is the most cost-effective and flexible grain handling system available for all expanding farming and grain storage operations.

Low fixed-rate level, tremendous flexibility, good work environment with little dust problem, easily maintained and with great combination possibilities with existing drying and storage system is what distinguishes the Grain Saver concept. No other system is so flexible for storage of cereals!

Farm Mac has close to ten years of experience of on-site storage of grain in silo bags. A technology we have brought forward in recent years by the introduction of the new line of grain carts, grain bagger and extractor.

We have delivered a wide range of facilities to large farms and grain traders in Eastern and northern Europe, with customers who put a few hundred thousands of tons of grain per year, to smaller farm holdings in Scandinavia which need a buffer storage. We are also working as contractors in Scandinavia, on high-cost markets, requesting high efficiency. This has forced us to develop a state-of-the-art grain bagging technology – The Grain Saver Concept. Labour needs are at a minimum and costs hence can be further decreased also on emerging markets, following our knowledge and competence.

Today we can offer you our new grain bagger for cereals (GS D-9) with a bagging capacity exceeding 200 tons/h, and grain extractor (GS Bag Eater) with a capacity of up to 200 tons/h. A rational set up, filling the grain bagger with two grain carts, reach more than 150 tons of grain bagging at an average (incl stop, start, sealing of bags etc.) and extracting the grain to trucks can be done in practice at around 150 tons per hour. Bagging grain with one grain cart of Grain Saver 24.5 can however support two large combines doing around 150 tons/h with one driver operating the grain cart and the grain bagger simultaneously.

The technique is simple and in relation to most other storage solutions, the investment in a bagger and a grain cart means that largest share of the costs for the system are assigned to variable costs (staff, silo bags, fuel etc.) For those who already operate a grain cart at their operations, adding a bagger means cheap investment for huge potential grain storage. Our experience is that if five farms choose to invest in a bagger, all of them can make use of one extractor for the entire needs of the group of farmers; hence reducing the investment needs further.

Grain Dealers or Coop’s facing peak delivery of grain during a short harvest often need extra storage capacity, when grain flow in large volumes from suppliers in harvest. Due to higher capacity of combiner, rationalization of farm operations and limited upgrades on farm level of grain storage, the flow of grain has increased a lot during recent years in many areas and countries around the world. The most cost-efficient approach to this is grain bagging! A large-scale grain storage depot, with mobile reception of grain, cleaning devices, laboratory, scale etc. can be established in about 10 days, creating huge opportunities for expansion of central storages in remote areas. In many countries, the storage technology is well-adapted for livestock farms and grain growers with or without grain driers, whom is lacking storage capacities or whom consider such installations as far too expensive to build or invest in.