Grain carts developed by farmers and thoroughly tested by farmers

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Coincidence has got nothing to do with the Grain Saver trailers. We simply decided to build the best grain cart around. To manufacture a versatile grain carts that are manufactured not only for the large fields in the world, but for farmers around the word solving the missing link between harvesters and storage. But also for distribution of seeds and fertilizers for combi-seeding, for feed-stuff, for fast unlading in the bottom to grain pits etc. The GS is more than a grain cart, it is a machine that can be used for many months a year on standard farms.

By bringing the core competence together of the team – from farmers to designers and producers – a new generation of grain carts was brought forward in 2014. Since then, we have moved up to an annual production of around 30 units and the GS family now consist of the GS12, GS16,5, GS24,5 and the GS38. A choice and pick for every farm and operation!

Technical features: 

  • Foldable auger 
    Discharge from 2,6 to 4,7 meters making it easy to access fertiliser spreaders, seeding machinery, trucks,
  • Heavy duty
    Designed with bolts and nuts instead of welded for longevity performance. A more expensive solution to build but something you’ll thank us after 30 years of heavy operations compared to competitors cheaper solutions with welded construction.
  • Perfect stability
    Suspended drawbar, shock-absorbing rubbers from the mining industry and precise, robust design of axles
  • Split compartment
    Transport fertilizers and seeds in the same machine! And no mixing of the two.
  • Complete flexibility on outloading
    Unloading auger, half unloading with only underpipe and bottom hatch for unloading over dumpit created unique opportunities in combing the grain cart as an overloading machine away from the farm and to service intake hoppers on the farm by fast bottom unloading of the cart
  • Only the best 
    High quality components from top global suppliers
  • Stay dry
    Heavy duty roll-top
  • Easy access
    Large platform with ladders inside & outside
  • Great overview
    The biggest view-window commercially available 
  • Airbrakes or hydraulics
    Your choice
  • Scale
    Optional weighing computer
  • Hitch system
    Choice of several systems available on the market
  • Mudguards & lights
    Best on market with automatic light shut-off on auger, reliable LED-lights
  • Hydraulic functions
    Four double acting hoses, separately adjustable tunnel hatches – front and back – switched by a 12 Volt switch

Prior to launching, the machines have been run close to a normal life span of a standard grain cart. By running so much grain through the machines we are able to warrant many more years of hard work at your operation. We promise that we will continue operating these machines heavily in the future, year in and year out and bringing you state-of-the art to continue giving improvement to your farm/contracting operation. We listen to your needs and integrate that into the product development. To be a small company we can do improvements very fast.

Grain Saver overloading wagon gs-38

Grain Cart GS – 38

GS 38 is a new powerful grain cart. The wagon is equipped with a triple axle with hydraulic suspension.

Loading capacity 38 m3
Triple axle with hydraulic suspension.
Tyres standard 710/55R26,5
Forced steering

Grain Saver overloading wagon gs-24,5

Grain Cart GS – 24,5

GS 24,5 is a powerful grain cart, adapted to serve two large combines in operation.

It is easy to drive and thanks to its design it has a large surface area relative to volume. The wagon is equipped with a steerable BPW tandem axle. Unloading time is approx. 3 minutes. It requires a 200-250 hp tractor for smooth operations.

grain saver gs-16 cart

Grain Cart GS – 16,5

GS 16.5 is a grain cart adapted to serve one large combine or two mid-size combines in operation.

It is compact and fitted with a standard BPW axle. Because it is built on the same standard components as its larger brother – the GS 24.5 – unloading time is approx. 2-3 minutes. It requires a 150 hp tractor for smooth operations.

grain saver gs-12 cart

Grain Cart GS – 12

GS 12 is an efficient overloading grain cart in a compact format.

A sturdy overloading wagon designed with many years of experience from the larger Grain Saver trailers. Perfect for alpine areas, Nordic areas and smaller operations where efficiency and technical solutions is in focus. Serves easily a large combiner. An 80 hp or larger tractor would be needed.

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What Clients Say

Smart solutions

We run farming on 1 000 ha on several locations in our area.
The Grain Saver 24,5 with extensions give us all the benefit to keep the combine and trailers running. It is a high quality machine and we’re content.

Alexander Håkansson, farmer southern Sweden

Best grain cart

Harvest here in Ireland is wet and after checking around for the best grain cart we could find, we chose a Grain Saver 24,5. It has all the versatility one demands of a modern grain cart, built for European conditions.

Pierce Cousins, Cousins Agri & Plant LTD, Ireland