grain bagger d9

Large harvest – limited storage?

Farm Mac offers silo bagging of cereals to complement existing grain storage. We carry out work across large parts of Sweden. In other countries we can support a upstart of grain bagging.

Silo bagging is a flexible, safe and cost-effective method for short- and longer-term storage of smaller or larger volumes of cereals. It only takes about 1 ha of land to store about 7000 tons of grain and a smaller, flat piece of land next to your dryers is all that is needed.

We perform complete services and have the entire chain of machinery at our disposal, which includes silo baggers, extractors, overloading wagons and tractors of varying size and strength.

Farm Mac has worked with silo bagging for almost 20 years and has extensive experience working as an entrepreneur in southern Sweden.

Grain stored in silo bags do not need to be completely dry – safe storage can be done with up to 16% moisture content in cold climate. In tropical areas the grain has to be under 12 %. We use 75 m silobags, which hold about 250 tons of grain. With our unique, proprietary machines, we do the job efficiently and lay/charge 1500 tons on a normal day.

You only pay for the tons you choose to put in. Evisceration occurs on hourly rates (when eviscerated, logistical problems can sometimes occur with trucks, etc., which can create downtime). We’ll take care of the rest where your only commitment is to provide a flat piece of land adjacent to your facility. Cost of bagging is for larger volumes 90 SEK/ton and upwards.  Extracting normally 10-25 SEK/ton but is made on hourly basis.