Grain Saver grain trailer gs-24,5 with new holland harvester
  • Transferring with grain trailer while harvesting enables the combine harvester input to increase by some 30 percent for small grains and oilseeds, and by more than 40 percent with grain maize,
  • In more fragmented areas, with marbled and cut landscape such as often found in Scandinavia and Alpine regions, the effect is often close to a doubling of the capacity due to long in-field transport around woodlands, creeks and similar,
  • Grain trailer gives you a more streamlined operation with higher performance through unloading combines on the move,
  • More efficiency is achieved at sowing and fertilizing through faster filling of drills and spreaders,
  • Less soil compaction will be the result through field transfer trailers’ large-volume low profile tires. Road going vehicles remaining on field edges and keep off the soil surface,
  • Less tear and wear on the combines by continues field work as opposed to the stop- and start nature of standard combining,
  • Significant reduction of soil compaction from foremost top-loaded combines’ front axle by continuous off-loading by field transfer grain trailer,

     ……simply a must for modern farmers!